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2016 Predictions

The new year brings new hopes and dreams for all. One interesting trend that has been going around to af few years now is the new year technology perdictions. This post will by my attempt, though late, to discuss what I think may transpire this year.

  • Major hacking attacks against large companies. We saw several major companies get hit by hackers in 2015. 2016 will only bring more attempts. I think the pace of of hackers and their abailty to infiltrate computer systems and networks, far out paces the developments of the security industry.

  • Vitural reality headsets will appear but will have lackluster adoption. More and more virtual reality headsets are to be released this year. Oculus rift, Sony's, Gear VR. But even though, the hardware will be advailable, the software/games that will be used with these headsets will be in short supply or of. little use. Not until 2017 will VR take on wide adoption.

  • 3D printing and small form factor computers (Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone) will continue to advance. Befor the end of 2016 I predict there will be faster/cheeper 3D printers. Smaller and more powerful small form factor computers.

Already there have been some advances in this space. The new Raspberry Pi zero and C.H.I.P computers are fairly powerful for their small size. Below is a photo of my collection of micro PC's

  • Perl 6 developers will work on replacing JavaScript and the main scripting language on web browsers. This one is more of a want then an actual prediction. Having Perl replace JavaScript has been a long time wish of many Perl developers.