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Advent Day 3

Another day another post on the Perl6 Advent Calendar. Today we get a new Perl syntax-highlighter for the Atom text editor. While Atom already has Perl6 support, I find there are times where it becomes confused and things do not look as they should.

When I program on my Macbook Pro, I use Atom as my text editor. Atom has always provided great support for a large number of programming languages and file format types. So as per the per the post, I will install the new Perl6 syntax-highlighter

First go to the Preferences in the Atom menu:
Atom Preferences

Next click on the Install icon and search for Perl6:
Atom Install Language Package
Once you have done that locate the language-perl6fe package and click on the install icon.

After the package is installed, you can make use of the new syntax-highlighter by first clicking on the language selection (bottom right) then type Perl6,(top) then select the language-perl6fe:
Atom Syntax-highlighter

It is nice to see Perl6 gaining more popularity, this new syntax-highlighter is only evidence of this. I will definitely be using this new syntax-highligther when coding on the Macbook Pro.