Apple's 2015 September Event

Today at 10am, Apple will host it's September event. The early fall events are usually dedicated to the release of new phones, iPads, and iPods. Along with news about iTunes. It is traditionally a music related event. Of particular note this year, is the fact that Apple will allow the live stream to be viewed on non-Apple devices and browsers.

Live streaming Requirements:

This means you will now be able to view the latest Windows 10 Edge browsers.

So now I'm going to curl up with my laptop and watch the keynote. I will attempt to do a live blog of the event which you view below:

Apple Watch:


The biggest iPad announcement sense the iPad!

iPad pro - Larger screen (12.9 inches), Lightweight, A9X CPU, 4 speakers,

The iPad Pro will start at $799

Apple TV

A even larger screen!

I really hope they include Apple music in the new Apple Music.
Looks like apps are coming to the new device...?
Yup, the future of TV is apps.

The new touch and voice enabled remote will defiantly increase the price to the apple TV.

Time aware, slow motion

Apple Music is updated and on the new AppleTV

tvOS is the framework to write apps for the new Apple TV. (Look out tons of games will be coming out!)