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Fall 2017 Apple Event

Next week on September 12th Apple will host their annual iPhone event. This event is expected to be held in Apple's new event location in the Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple campus. The new Apple campus was Steve Jobs's dream and it is now open and looks wonderful. Can't wait to see inside.

In this event Apple will announce the latest iPhones, among other possible Apple hardware announcements. There will also be the big iOS 11 release, so there will be some talk about that. In the past I have watched the keynote online and "Reported" what was announced after the event was over. This year I'm going to change things up and make write up my thoughts prior to the event. I will return after and add my "POST-EVENT" thoughts when the event is over.


Without a doubt the main point of this event will be the announcement of the next iPhones. There will be reportedly 3 models to be released. The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus and the there will be an 10 year anniversary edition called the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X. Nothing set for sure right now but, most people care less what it is called. I'm really unsure about the reported changes in the next iPhone but I'm keeping an open mind. I would think Apple had done it's homework before it commented to the final design, time will tell.

No TouchID Sensor

TouchID maybe absent on the iPhone8. Initial roomers had a TouchID sensor embedded the screen. However It now appears this will not happen due to technical difficulties. The TouchID sensor is a very fast fingerprint reader which allows you to unlock the iPhone with just a press or in the case of Apple Wallet. If you haven't used an iPhone with TouchID in the home button, then Its hard to describe how convenient it is to use. I find the TouchID to be fast and accurate. It would be hard to imagine an technology that could replace it. Roomers have such a technology, Face recognition! I'm not sure how I will feel about having to switch. It will involve earning new habits. Having to press the home button to unlock the phone is something we engrained into our understanding of how a cell phone works.


One thing I'm finding myself having to reconcile with is the steep price you have to pay when you have an Apple iPhone. Over the years, I have seen a steady increases in the cost of an iPhone. There are many factors which play into this, however I do not see Apple doing much of anything to reduce the cost. If anything it is in I would say it is better for Appls's brand name to keep prices and demand high. That apparent exclusivity is what makes Apple so popular. The recent trend of having an limited edition will continue with the iPhone 8 where roomers have the top tier phone over $1000.

Augmented Reality

The next generation of cell phones will sport advance cameras with the ability to detect depth. This technology is similar to what is found in the XBox Konnect device. Arguments reality provides the ability to overlay virtual objects in the view of the camera. There are various uses for this one major use would be in the arena of maps. You could imagine holding up your camera and on the screen seeing not just what your camera was pointing at but contextual data overlaid with the images you were seeing.
AR immage

Part of the technology that Argument reality provides will be the same that provides the facial recognition that the next iPhone will include. So this will be a key feature with the next iPhone.

Apple Pencil Support

One thing I would love to see in the next iPhone will be to support the Apple Pencil. I have used the Apple Pencil with my iPad Pro and love it, by far the best stylus input device I have used. The tip is smooth and the response-fullness is the best I have seen. There are reports that Apple has filed a patent for a smaller version of the Apple Pencil maybe this is to have it work on smaller screens like an iPhone.
It may be unlikely for Apple to provide support for an Apple pencil for the iPhone but I would love to see it.

Bottom line, the next iPhone X will definitely be a change from previous versions. If this turns out to be a good thing or not is a different matter. I would really upset if all the changes that are made are just to keep up with other flag-ship cell phones, like the Samsung Note 8.


The iPhone 8 and 8 plus is up first. This appears to bo what the 7s and 7s Plus was going to be, just with updated CPU (A11 Bionic) and cameras. The touchID sensor is still at the bottom. The new iPhones will be Qi wireless charging compatible, which is nice because that is the most widely available option. However from what I have read, Qi does not provide an quick charge capability. Time will tell how quickly it can fully charge via wireless.

The anversary edition of the iPhone will be called the iPhone X and sports a 5.8 inch edge to edge OLED screen. This model has has replaced the home button and the TouchID sensor, with a swipe from the bottom gesture and facial recognition technology, in order to unlock the phone.
IMG_0550 The iPhone X will include the upgraded 12MP camera that the 7 plus is equipped with. Also you can take portrait mode photos with both the front and rear cameras. The base model will start at $999.00 which is a steep price increase, but if you compare the price it with the 7 plus, it starts to make some sense. I have a feeling this phone will not sale as fast as previous iPhones, but I know it is here for the long haul. Most people will be upset with the lack of the TouchID sensor, including myself, I’am just hoping it will return in a few years when the technology allows it to be placed under the screen.

Apple Watch

There has been reports of a new version of the Apple Watch. Reportedly with an LTE Radio which would be used as a background data connection. Don't expect anything ground breaking here, A LTE radio on the watch will definitely have a serious tax on battery life. Never the less, another product to lust after.


Apple Watch series 3 will include a cellular radio, enabling you to make and receive calls and data. It will have a new faster Dual core processor and a new altimeter to measure 4 barometric pressure. Which is something I always look for in a watch! With the new processes Siri on the series 3 watch will be able to talk.

Apple TV

Apple usually talks about it's "hobby" project the AppleTV. This year the next AppleTV is expected to have 4K support. The next generation AppleTV will need to have 4K support in order to stay competitive in a expanding market

The one thing I would like to see updated with the Apple TV is better functionally in Siri. Right now the Siri support in the Apple TV is limited to the Television/Video streaming playback. It would be nice to have the list of supported functions increased. I think this will be possible with new hardware inside the 4K Apple TV

During the 2017 WWDC Apple Keynote, Apple mentioned that a Amazon Prime TV app will be coming to the Apple TV. I hope this is still going to happen, Amazon prime video has some really good shows and movies. There is also rumors that cable companies will team up with Apple and provide live TV. But this has proven to be complicated and highly unlikely.


So the major announcement here is the new AppleTV will have 4K, but at a increased price of $179. This new iteration of the AppleTV will include a faster processor making it noticeably faster (reportedly). One nice update to the TV app will include live sports! And it was nice of Apple to automatically upgrade your already HD movies into 4K, if it is available.
TV app showing live sports

Home Pod

6137C795-6493-4C38-9BBF-303FB227A481There might be a mention of Apple's smart speaker the Home Pod. This might follow after an Siri announcement, as Siri is the main user interface to the Home Pod. I'm not too excited about the Home Pod, mainly due to the price. But maybe after the product has had a chance to mature it will be more compelling.


There was nothing said about the Home Pod this time around. Maybe we will get more info the closer to it’s release date.

Post Event Reporting

Overall, the announcement of the next generation iPhone X was very exciting. Apple has a way of making it’s products highly desirable. The lack of the TouchID sensor in the iPhone X is a bit upsetting, but the next generation CPU, the A11 is really powerful and the infrared sensor array will allow tons of new capabilities. Time will tell if the FaceID technology will prove to be secure. The Series 3 Apple Watch is compelling with it's ability to make calls. The 4K Apple TV is will prove a worth wild upgrade IF you have a 4K TV.