Fedora 23 Beta

The good people at Fedora will release Fedora 23 Beta (If everything is on schedule) tomorrow. (9/22/2015) If you did not know, Fedora is a community distribution of Linux supported and funded by Red Hat Linux. Linux is a computer operating system like Mac OS X or Windows.

Download, Check, Install

The process to obtain Linux is usually the following;

Download the disk image from an approved mirror site. In the case of Fedora 23 beta go here
Copy the image to a CD-ROM or USB flash disk. (Make sure to check the MD5 SUM first)
Boot the system off the install media, and follow the instructions.
The release cycle is 6 months. So I get a free, fresh, and updated operating system often. That being said, I usually download the beta and install that in a virtual machine to see how well the next version will be. I have noticed since Fedora 21 that I was able to live with the beta version as my primary OS on my system.

The show stopper bugs are not really of concern to me as I know how to get around them. I also have a few extra computers around to get me by if things go really bad. Plus I really like having the drama of running a beta OS in my life.

What is Fedora? Here is some text from the Fedora wiki page:

The Fedora Project is a global partnership of free software community members. The Fedora Project is sponsored by Red Hat, which invests in our infrastructure and resources to encourage collaboration and incubate innovative new technologies. Some of these technologies may later be integrated into Red Hat products. They are developed in Fedora and produced under a free and open source license from inception, so other free software communities and projects are free to study, adopt, and modify them.
Next upgrade

So with all that being said, I'll be doing a system backup and will be installing Fedora 23 sometime latter this week.