iPhone 6s

So September 25 was the big day the new iPhone 6s was released. I had made arrangements( Pre-order) to upgrade my current iPhone 6, which I only got about a year ago. "Thats crazy talk!" you say, but let me explain myself.


Even-though the exterior case design has not changed much. (It pretty much still looks the same.) There have been some significant changes in the internals of the iPhone 6s. There is a new 12 mega pixel camera. Faster CPU, and a new touch screen that has pressure sensitivity. Like the Apple ad suggest they changed everything about this phone!

One of the main improvements can be found in the main camera. The 12 MP camera, has the ability to record video in 4k, which is a really high resolution. Apple has introduced a new photo format called Live Pictures. Now when Live Pictures is enabled, your photos are not just a single frame. They now include several frames before and after the picture is taken. Then when you press on the screen you see the whole 3 second video. (But its not a video, more of a .gif) For me the improved camera is really what justifies the cost of upgrading my phone. I want the photos and videos that I take to be the very best I can get from a cell phone.

The 3D touch is the major new feature I was looking forward to, along with the camera. This added functionally has expanded the way you interface with the iPhone. It allows app developers to focus on bringing the main functionally of their application to the forefront. Making it easier and quicker to access those functions, makes the application feel as if it provides a service. So rather then having to open the full app and then preform that task, you just Force touch the app icon to bring up a menu of available task. Using 3D touch on the phone brings a “right-click” feel to iOS 9. It opens up a new way to interface with the phone and apps. For me, this new form of interaction is what makes the iPhone 6s different and exciting.

The 6s has a new CPU, which gives the phone a nice speed bump. This especially will be beneficial to app developers to make more powerful software. The Touch ID sensor is also noticeably faster. There is no longer a half second pause when unlocking the phone with the finger print scanner. Gone are the days of wanting to quickly unlock your phone to show someone something or to retrieve a bit of information and having to wait for the scanner to recognize your fingerprint and open up. The iPhone 6s also has faster radios, so that gives you faster Wi-Fi (866 Mbs) and faster LTE data. (300 Mbs) I noticed this right away while in the Apple store when I was restoring my backup from iCloud using the Apple store Wi-Fi. The whole process took less then 10 minutes!

Hands on

Overall I’m really pleased with the new iPhone 6s. It was not a “needed” upgrade for me, as the iPhone 6 is still a great and capable phone. But I really like 3D touch and how it provides shortcuts to common functions. The phone feels quicker and more capable. And the fact that I can activate seri hands free without having the phone plugged in and charging is a great feature, especially for those who have a long work commute like I do.