Mac Event 2016

Today, Apple is hosting its October MacBook event at Town Hall, Cupertino CA. It has been a while since there has been an update to the Macintosh line. Today there is promise that we will see a few changes, and the MacBook Pro is in definite need of a update.

The Macintosh

This is the main event of the day, and its why I'm watching the event live. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro, and it has been the best laptop I have ever worked on.

The new design allows the MacBook Pro to have a more compact and lighter/sleek design. That seams to be the direction Apple is taking its product line. Which is not a bad thing unless you are looking for something with a bit more memory. Unfortunately, the new MacBooks are limited to a maximum of 16 Gigabits of memory. Another disappointment is there is no lighting connector. There is a phono jack for head phones. But without an lighting port will I have to carry both style of headphones? One set for the iPhone and one set for the MacBook. I'm sure there will be some sort of adaptor coming out but still an minor disappointment to say the least.

The major change for this new series of MacBook is the touch bar which replaces the function keys on top of the keyboard. It is basically an touch screen running the width of the keyboard and a Touch ID sensor on the right hand side. This touch screen can display context sensitive icons and controls, depending on the active application. This kind of user interface innovation is what makes Apple famous and plays into Apples advantage; Its close connection between its hardware and its operating system.

Touch Bar

Some key features

Larger touch pad - The MacBook Pro's touch pad was already large. Now this thing is massive.

2nd gen keyboard - Apple's newly designed laptop keyboard

Touch bar at top - Multi touch screen that provides context appropriate icons/keys replaces the function keys at the top.

Retina display - Redesigned tech, allows the screen to be brighter, have a better contrast ration yet more power efficient!

touchID - Now you can login, and make Apple Pay purchases with your fingerprint.


The new MacBook Pro line will have 3 price points, Usually the middle option is the sweet point. So there will be 2 13" models the lower end will not have the Touch Bar and will start at $1499. $1799 will get you a 13" MacBook with the Touch Bar. Then where will be 1 15" model starting at $2399.

Graphic of the 3 price points