Mr. Robot

I just finished watching the season finale of USA networks hit show Mr. Robot, and it was utterly amazing! I would highly recommend this show to anybody who has a interest in computers or technology. It is a very accurate respiration of the current state of Hacker world. (Or what I understand of it) The show also is very artistically done, which adds to the overall quality of the show. There are a few story mysteries and plot twist that develop along the 10 episode series. Of course there will be a season 2. (Hopefully soon)

Here is a short clip from the show..

I was truly and completely entertained when watching this show. In fact I have watched the complete season twice. (Got the season pass on iTunes) The main character of the show is Elliot Alderson which is played by actor Rami Malek. Rami does an excellent work at conveying the intensity and emotional state of his character. There is a slight "Fight Club" feeling with this storyline, but I'll let you enjoy watching and discovering that for yourself. The show also has Christian Slater as one of the main characters, which was a nice unexpected bonus!

If you couldn't tell, I really loved this show! I understand and related to the show. There is however a few bad marks I would like to warn about; there is some illicit drug use, which makes it really not suitable for children. As well as some very strong scenes. It is unfortunate because I really wanted to share this show with by boys. But don't get me wrong, I would NOT have them change it. My boys will just have to wait to watch this one (Or wake up late and watch it, like I had to when I was a kid) I really don't agree with their ethical point of view of erasing the worlds debt, but after watching the season finale I think this was only a plot tool for what is yet to come. Other then that, I'll be eagerly anticipating season 2, as they have as loyal viewer.