My iPad Pro Review

UPDATE So I have had the iPad Pro for some time now. This pose was written back in November of last year. Just didn't want to publish it right away, then it sat there unintended for some time. Mostly due to the fact that I wanted to give the Apple Pencil a good review as well. (I didn't get it until mid December) I can say I completely satifiefed with the iPad Pro.

So I got my new iPad Pro and logitech keyboard this week. The whole point was to have some computing device that was more convenient and portable then using my 15" Macbook Pro. I went the iPad route because I was due for a upgrade in the tablet department, and I was intrigued by the Apple pencil. At first the size of the new iPad Pro is ridiculous, until you open up a web browser or a ebook or an online magazine. Then the larger size screen completely makes since. The new thinner and ligther iPad Pro makes holding the device easier, and more enjoyable than previous iPads. However one big disappointment I found with the iPad Pro, no force touch! Once you have used force touch on an iPhone 6s you really come to expect it on all of Apples products. The iPad Pro does not have the type of screen that the iPhone 6s has so there is no force touch. The Apple pencil does bring pressure sensitivity to the iPad Pro so there is that I guess.
iPad Pro
Logitech Keyboard

Now for Some Accessories

Adding the logitech keyboard makes much more sence. Especilly sence I was looking for an psudo Macbook replacement. The keyboard is great and douobles as a proticatve case. It provides black-lit keys so you can easily work in the dark, as well as volume, contrast, and media keys. I at first had ordered the Apple keyboard for the iPad Pro, but after trying it out at the Apple store, I realized it was a bit too small and lacking in features.

So does the iPad Pro work well as a Macbook replacement? Well so far I would have to say it is still to be determine. One thing I really enjoy on my macbook is the voice diction. The iPad Pro does have it but it is NOT that easy to use as on the Macbook Pro. The keyboard is great but it has only one angle which makes YOU have to adapt instead of the device.

Apple Pencil
I also orderd the Apple pencil but have not received it yet. But after testing it at the Apple store, I truly believe this will be the iPad Pro's main strength. Another great feature of the iPad Pro is it's ability to do split screen multi tasking. This feature allows you to have two applications open at the same time side by side, which is really convenient.

This entire blog post is being completed using the iPad Pro with the keyboard. I'm typing the post in iA Writer Pro, and then will cut and paste the text into the blog application. Links and images will be added with the aid of the split screen. I would say posting on my blog or using other social media was about 30% of the intended use for this device. And I'm pleased with the process so far.

Desktop Class Applications

Some of the apps I had to get to facilitate this migration from laptop to tablet include:

I really can see myself using the iPad Pro for day to day light computing needs. However I still have that feeling that I'm somewhat limited in some areas, mainly programming. I do find the touch/Apple pencil aspect intriguing though, and I'm willing to make some compromises. I do predict that there will be more touch related IOS features included in future macbook's in the next 3 to 5 years. I'm willing to say possibly a touch screen enabled Macbook Pro, even though Apple's Tim Cook has said there will never be such a device. Bottom line, the iPad Pro used with the keyboard and pencil is a great blend of both tablet and laptop worlds. Just regrettable you are locked into the IOS app world and can not make use of more traditional computing programs.

I leave you with iPad Pro promotional video from Apple.