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So the day has finally come. Perl 6 has been released this Christmas. It has been in development for the last 15 years. I have used Perl 6 for most of my software projects and it is nice to finally have a stable release.

I remember at the start of this journey for me, some of the code I had written was outdated when an fix to Perl 6 was made. This forced me to re-write what I had so it could compile again.

The announcement for the Christmas release can be read here

The really nice thing about Perl 6 is how easy it is to get the job done quickly.

If you would like a quick introduction to Perl 6 take a look here the author has done good job of organizing the information.

Below is my latest work, a quick program I made update a web servers IP address if outdated:

use v6;
use WebService::GoogleDyDNS;

multi sub MAIN( :$domain, :$login, :$password ) {

  my $updater = WebService::GoogleDyDNS.new(domainName => $domain, login => $login , password => $password );
  if $updater.outdated { say $updater.updateIP(); } else { say "No change. No action taken."; }