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Raspberry Pi Zero Sold Out!

In less then 24 hours, the newly released Raspberry Pi Zero has sold completely out! I know this first hand for myself, as I held off getting my order in, thinking I would do it first thing in the morning. That next morning I wake to find out they were all gone. That is about 20,000 units sold in 24 hours!

Photo of Raspberry Pi Zero Board

So the Raspberry Pi Zero is a new smaller and cheeper computer from the Raspberry Pi foundation. It sports a 1Ghz single core CPU and 512 MB system RAM. But I would say the most important feature, is the $5 dollar price tag! One new feature I'm glad to see is the addition of reset pins. (You will have to solder on the switch) This will allow you to reset the board without having to remove the power sourced.

Here is a quick introduction to device:

The Raspberry Pi Zero does not come with the GPIO header, you will have to solder one on in the space provided. So some electronics skills may be required, but that is why you got the Raspberry Pi, right?

The smaller size will undoubtably bring longer battery life giving you battery bound projects more run time. This a a major advantage for small form factor/hobbiesest computers, And I have a feeling the majority of people buying these Raspberry Pi Zeros have just that in mind. However there is already reports of companies and individuals reselling the PiZero at a increased price. Remember the PiZero only cost $5 USD + plus tax & shipping/handling.
Five dollar bill next to Raspberry Pi Zero

With the release of the PiZERO, it would seem that the Raspberry Pi Foundation is anticipating a square off with another upcoming small-form-factor computer; C.H.I.P. Both are close to the same size but each offer a different focus on the way small-form-factor computers should be. I have funded the C.H.I.P. and will have mine when they are released. Hopefully, I will have a Raspberry Pi ZERO by then. Make has a great review of both here.

So if you did not get your order in for one of these new smaller Raspberry Pi's you have to wait until they release another production run. I know I'll be eagerly awaiting myself. Until then all one can do is read reviews of those who did get their orders in.