I enjoy learning all things tech, and I do better at it when I have a chance to apply what I have been studying in to practical use. Over the years I have be come quite capable in my abilities, so much so, that I'm willing to help others with some of their tech related problems. Most of the time I just provide my services pro-bono, but for larger more serious projects I do charge a reasonable rate... Who am I kidding, I still would not change you.

Some of the things I'll be willing to help out with include:

  • Web Site Hosting/Design.
  • Computer and Network Security Consulting.
  • Data Recovery
  • Database Design/Administration.
  • Small Business Technology Consulting.
  • Software Development.

Contact me with your request, and I'll do my best to assist you with a free consultation.

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Below is a list of some how-to pages I created to assist others with some common questions I get.