System Failure

So a about a month ago I had done something incredibly stupid. You see I had set up my server with full disk encryption on the main system hard disk drive. This meant that every time I had a power failure or had to reboot the system, I had to be physically present to type in the passphrase to unencrypted the drive. If I was not there to do this, the entire start up process would pause and wait at that point, the system would not fully start up.

After a few years of this I had enough baby sitting and decided to remove the encryption. So I set out to research the vast seas of knowledge found in the Internets. Easy enough to find as all the top search results were related to exactly what I was looking for. Which happened to be something like this; Remove disk encryption + Linux

So what I found looked like I could do it without any issues so I fired up a terminal window, and inputted the command. (Which I will omit due to the painful memories) It worked! Cool I thought now the drive no longer had the full disk encryption on the drive. So I decided to test it out and rebooted the system.

Well guess what, this post is not titled “System Failure” just because. So the prompt to enter the disk encryption pops up, waiting for me to input the correct phrase before proceeding. Ok so something did’t work right, I’ll just type the passphrase in and try again. So I did, no luck. Just some cryptic message saying that I did not have any “keys” installed. So I go into panic mode and once again turn to the Internets for a solution to this dilemma.

Output form the luksDump command:
luksDump output

As it turns out, the command I ran, removed the one and ONLY encryption key that was installed on that disk drive (There is space for 9) and without any keys installed on a drive, there is NO possible way to unencrypt the disk drive. Good thing I had (some) backups. What hurt the most is that I did loose some of my blog entries. But other then that I have back up copies of everything that was important to me.

I have been slowly resurrecting those lost blog entires by using Apple’s News application. It actually keeps a local copy on my iPhone and I can view it without having to reach out to the Internet. So I have been just copying over the text into new blog post.

I have defiantly learned my lesson form this experience. I really don’t need full disk encryption on my server, AND conduct a little more research before firing off commands I don’t fully understand.