Here I describe yet another Perl 6 web application I developed to address a simple issue I have at work. We currently utilize a MS Excel »

Health Kit Data

In a recent update (Perhaps less recent then I think) Apple had added the ability to export the data saved in the iOS Health Application. This »

Stock Tracker

Today I completed a simple program to download stock pricing information. This Perl6 program takes a list of stock symbols and utilizes the Finance »

Perl 6.c

So the day has finally come. Perl 6 has been released this Christmas. It has been in development for the last 15 years. I have used »

Perl6 Modules

Things are moving along in the world of Perl6 Modules. An Perl6 Module is a way of sharing your code with others. As of this writing »

Advent Day 3

Another day another post on the Perl6 Advent Calendar. Today we get a new Perl syntax-highlighter for the Atom text editor. While Atom already has Perl6 »