WWDC 2016

Apple's 2016 world wide developers conference start today. It is expected that apple will announce new software and services.

In the iOS side, I would really like to see more functionally in the form of services, like on OSX. Better integration/overall of the filesystem would be ideal.

The image that has spark my imagination

We will see what unfolds as the keynote progresses...


So WatchOS will be updated to 3.0

  • App doc - Now pushing the side button will will open the application dock.
  • Faster application starts.
  • More watch faces & more complications. Now there is watch faces for the Activities
  • Scribble text input method.
  • Emergency services and Medical ID.
  • Activity Sharing - Compete with friends and family to stay active.


"The future of TV is Apps.."

  • Sling box app coming today!
  • Seri is faster and smarter, lets you search by topics.
  • Search YouTube!
  • Live Channels
  • Single sign-on! No more having to log in or activate each service. Now the Apple TV will handle all of that for you.
    tvOS single sign-on
  • New services like; Fox Sports Go and Sketch party.
  • New dark theme:
    tvOS Dark theme
  • Home kit integration. Now you can control your home kit devices from the appleTV.


  • Name change. OSX is now known as macOS. This fits better with the other operating systems. This version is called
    macOS Sierra.

  • applePay, now on the web.
    macOS applePay

  • Tabs - Useful on the web browser, now to be found everything where else.

  • Picture in picture, as seen in iPad Pro.

  • Seri on the desktop.
    Seri on the desktop

  • Universal clipboard.


Biggest iOS release to date.


  • Raise to wake
  • Widgets
  • Lock screen and home screen


  • Now open to devs
  • Opened up to 3rd party apps.
  • Payments


  • Places
  • Advance Computer Vision
  • Memories







Swift Playgrounds
Latter in the Fall, Apple will release a iPad app to help you learn Swift.